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Wondering how ? Its really simple, Just sign-up for our Referral program and invite your friends and family to GNC India. If your friends make a purchase of Rs 5000/- in 45 days, you will get a voucher, which you can use to buy Rs 1000/- worth of products for FREE.

Moreover if your friend purchases a Gold Card, you will instantly get a Rs 100 coupon !

How Does it Work ?

Step1: Signup for our Referral Program (Below).

Step2: Invite your friends via Email.

Step3: If friends referred by you make a purchase, points worth the amount of their first purchase, will be credited to your account.(Points can be monitored via Dashboard)

Step4: If you reach 5000 points in 45 days, you will get a voucher worth Rs 1000/-

Step5: Redeem voucher online on and get products worth Rs. 1000 for FREE!

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid for Indian Nationals only.
  • Voucher will be valid for 30 days.
  • Guardian reserves all rights to stop this program at any time or deny rewards to an individual incase of a misconduct.
  • If the person you are referring is already registered on then his purchases WILL NOT be counted in your score in any way.
  • Voucher will be confirmed and sent to you within 20 days of reaching the milestone.
  • If a person orders products and cancels the same later on, then the points will be deducted.